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Yay Summer!

The pools are open, and the backyard parties are back. Unmasked laughter replaces the isolation and gloom of self-quarantine, and people are back on the move again. Our scientists and health care professionals have given the vicious virus several kicks in the groin, and it is hobbling its way towards the door.  So… Here's to sunscreen, and boat rides, and fish on your line.  To long hikes. To campfires, with cold beer and wine.  To picnics with lovers exchanging a kiss.  To all the good stuff we've all had to miss.  So have a great summer, you don't have to wait.  We've got us a  summer to celebrate!
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Linda/ Li Lin Excerpts

The first sixteen chapters are  on the blog for your enjoyment. This is still a work in progress.  As always your comments and observations are welcome, especially the critical ones.    Linda Li Lin