Photographer Casey Robertson of Actively Awkward Photography captured this waterspout scene off Ocracoke Island in North Carolina on Saturday, July 30, 2022. (Casey Robertson/Actively Awkward Photography )

The Fields of Santa Clara

Father Pepe swept the volcanic ash off the sidewalk leading to his church. The narrow shoulders on his slight frame moved back and forth in rhythm as he worked his way down the walkway.  A young man approaching middle age, Father Pepe appeared delicate but wiry.

The volcano had never erupted in an explosion of lava. Instead, it constantly belched out the ash that covered the town of Santa Clara and the fields of coffee plants nearby, like God emptied his ashtray over the land.

What happens to Father Pepe and the village of Santa Clara? Find out in:

The Fields of Santa Clara now in The Bookends Review


Ann S. Epstein's Spill It! article "Is Hope Hopeless?" prompted Steve Bailey to consider his observations about hope.   - Vine Leaves Press 


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As the editor said" "This could get confusing." 

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The Doll Wife Reprint

 The Doll Wife was originally published on in February 2021. Since then Horla has gone offline.

The editors at Corvus Review picked it up for their Spring/Summer 2022 issue. (Page 29) The word most frequently used by readers to describe this story is "Creepy."

Quoth the Owl ,Nevermore


I could hear him in the late afternoons when golden summer sunlight pushes through the trees and makes the leaves facing it look luminescent against their counterpart's black background. He would hoot from a tree in the wooded lot behind my house...

This just came out in Canary, an environmentally-themed journal. Quoth the Owl ,Nevermore